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The Question of Spoons

We've had an ongoing discussion in the shop lately about spoons.

That's right, spoons. Whether you purchase our fudge on-site or online, we include a couple of taster spoons with your purchase. That's because we know that as soon as you can get that tub of fudge in your hands, you're going to want a taste.

Recently our taster spoons became difficult to find; the supply chain seemed to be at a stand still. All out panic ensued. Wallace began searching for a replacement taster spoon. But not just any taster spoon would do. It had to be just the right size (3 inches long) and just the right weight (sturdy, not too flimsy). Wallace spoke with potential suppliers asking all the necessary questions.

Once he found what he thought was the perfect spoon, he ordered several boxes. However, when they arrived, it was obvious the particular taster spoon he had ordered simply would not do. It just wasn't substantial enough to be a Fudge Etc. taster spoon. After all, we're spooning thick and creamy fudge here. But the taster spoon dilemma has been just part of the conversation.

We package our fudge in resealable containers so that you can enjoy a spoonful right away and also save some for later. Once you dispose of that taster spoon, how do you eat the remaining fudge in your tub? Maybe you're like one of our customers who commented on Facebook, "I would like to think I would use that little spoon to nibble your fudge. But who am I kidding. I would pop that bad boy out [of the tub] and hide!!" Or, if you are like my son, you're going to open the silverware drawer and pull out a large tablespoon.

A Google search of types of spoons reveals at least 45 different eating spoons. Demitasse, Dessert, Five O'clock, Soup, Teaspoon, Tablespoon . . . the list goes on and on. So here's the question:

After the taster spoon is gone, which spoon do YOU choose?

Just so you know, no matter what spoon you choose, our fudge is delicious!

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