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Janet – “My mother, Ms. Ruby, was known for her delicious Divinity, which she lovingly concocted from sugar, milk, and butter. She delighted in sharing this rich confection with family, friends, and neighbors until the age of 89.


"In 1985, as a gift from my late father Jack, my mother gifted Wallace and me the equipment needed to make larger quantities of candy, so we started our company Fudge Etc. At first, we offered only five flavors of fudge, but we soon began testing and perfecting additional flavors. Now we offer 30 plus flavors, all starting with those first essential ingredients: sugar, milk, and butter."

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Wallace - "We handcraft our fudge onsite in our industrial kitchen located in our store in Meridian, Mississippi. We continue to grow our small family business, testing new flavors and offering our candy through our online market; at numerous craft fairs, festivals, markets and shows; and in our brick-and-mortar location here in Meridian. 

"As we move into our retirement years, our son Wade, his wife Erica, and our daughter Jennifer have become an integral part of the process - making and packaging fudge, attending markets and festivals, and selecting products for our store. Our grandchildren, Megan and Matthew, are learning the ropes as well despite their busy schedules involving school and sports."

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Whether it's by choice or chance that you have landed on our website, we are delighted you are here. Take a look around and see what we have to offer, and thanks so much for supporting our small family business!

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