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Here are the answers to some common questions that we have been asked:

Making/Storing Questions

  1. Do you make your own fudge? Yes, our family makes our fudge in the store location listed on the website. We are in a separate area from where customers shop.
  2. How long does your fudge last? We have a "Best By" date on all of our fudge containers. The standard rule for shelf life is 3 months.
  3. Can I refrigerate your fudge? We do not encourage refrigerating our fudge as it can dry it out; thereby, altering the taste and consistency of it.
  4. Can I freeze your fudge? Yes, but there are certain steps to do this. First, wrap the container in aluminum foil and place into a freezer bag. Secondly, do not freeze for longer then 9 months. Lastly when you take it out of the freezer, leave it on the counter until it completely thaws out before you open the bag or foil. This will make sure that no extra moisture gets into the fudge.


Purchasing Questions

  1. Where can I buy your fudge? We sell our fudge in multiple locations. You can purchase it online, at our store, on Etsy, and also at the markets that we attend throughout the year.
  2. Do you take recommendations for which markets, festivals, or shows you attend? Sure! If there is a show that you think we should attend, please let us know in the contact us link or by messaging us on Facebook and we will look into it.
  3. Does Fudge Etc provide fudge for special occasions? Yes! We have done fudge for baby showers, birthday cakes, and personal trays for pageants or dance recitals.
  4. Can you buy fudge in other sizes then the tubs you sell? Absolutely! We sell our fudge mostly in the 1/2 pound containers; however, it can be sold in slabs, on trays, and in special containers for holidays. The trays are for local purchases only at this time though.
  5. Do you take wholesale orders if I would like to carry your fudge? Sure! Please call 601-917-1020 for information.



  1. I have severe allergies to nuts. Can I eat your fudge? While we thoroughly clean each kettle, bowl and all utensils between each use, we would err on the side of caution and say no. We cannot say with a 100% certainty that trace amounts of nuts are not in another batch. We have an allergy warning on all our fudge stating "Manufactured on the same equipment that processes wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut and egg."
  2. Do you use eggs in your fudge? We do not put eggs in our fudge; however, divinity pecan does have eggs in the whipping agent we use.

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